Valley of the Shadows

Teresa has been homeless for more than four years in downtown Phoenix. Now 43, she started living on the streets after being unable to pay rent for her trailer at a nearby trailer park. With no friends or family able to take her in, she felt she had no other alternative but to figure out how to survive on the streets.

Today, as local Phoenix Rescue Mission Hope Coach workers talk with her, she mentions how she struggles with dyslexia and severe depression, both of which make it hard for her to find any consistent work. She attempts to get what little she can by doing occasional cleaning jobs around the valley.

For Teresa, today can be a day where she finds a brief light in the midst of the dark, homeless, and hidden world she resides in. Each and every day, thanks to your support and partnership, Phoenix Rescue Mission is working to give people like Teresa a source of hope and change to take them from the dark, hidden Valley of Shadows she and many other Phoenix homeless residents find themselves trapped in.

Through God, we will continue to bring a light of hope and freedom to these darkened areas and to truly be a Valley of the Sun for the hopeless and homeless throughout Phoenix.

Teresa receives a thermal coat, water bottles, and toiletries from the Hope Coach workers. This is all a small part of what the Mission offers daily to those living on the streets.


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