How your family can impact the WORLD!

When Dae Brown tweeted a photo of her newly-adopted son, she had no idea it would go viral ... but who could resist an adorable three-year old throwing a celebratory fist in the air? Over 56,000 shares and nearly 142,000 likes prove people shared his excitement in seeing his 832 days in foster care come to an end.

Why do we love a good adoption story? Maybe it’s because adoption tugs at our human desire for belonging or to see families experience wholeness. Either way, building a family is powerful. Did you know there’s another form of “adoption” that can bring meaning and depth to your family? It’s called “Child Named Charity,” or “Child Called Charity” and it’s literally inviting a ministry to become one of your heirs. Many people have found adding Phoenix Rescue Mission as another “child” in their Will has enriched their
life with purpose, knowing their legacy will impact lives for generations to come. Here’s an example of how it works:

Robert and Brenda have three adult children and an Estate valued at $500,000 after taxes. When it was time to update their Will, they decided to include a ministry-gift — adding a charity as another “child” in their Estate plan. Instead of dividing their Estate three ways they divided it equally into four, giving a quarter of their Estate — or $125,000 — to each party.

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