Code : Red is Here

Summer begins early in Arizona. As the rest of the country enjoys Spring time, Arizona is seeing early signs of Summer. With most days coming close to triple digit weather, the Phoenix Rescue Mission is entering

Arizona summer days are deadly. Code:Red is the Phoenix Rescue Mission's Summer Heat Relief initiative to supply the homeless with resources to survive these dangerous days on the streets of the Valley of the Sun. In Arizona, an average of 118 people die every year from excessive heat. 95% of those deaths occur between May and September. Without someplace to escape from the blazing Phoenix summer heat, our homeless neighbors are at risk of serious illness — even death.


This is the fifth year the Mission has done the Code:Red program. There are many opportunities for partnership during this Summer program. Our Hope Coach vans hit the streets every day, engaging, and approaching our most vulnerable and needy community. The Hope Coach is the first step towards recovery. A bottle of water, an offer to join us for a hot meal, or perhaps a friendly face to know they are still seen. Through the Hope Coach we have the privilege to share, encourage and pray for men, women and children who need hope. Interested in taking a ride? Click here.

Since 2013, the Mission has distributed more than 2.7 million bottles of water! In 2016, the Mission surpassed our goals and distributed over 1.1 million water bottles thanks to the many organizations and individuals that want to make a difference in our community. Want to rally the troops and run a water drive of your own? Call (602) 346-3347 or click here to see how it works and what you need to know.

Make the biggest impact of all with a monetary donation.  Click here and please give now to help our hungry and homeless neighbors survive the summer heat.

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