Dear “everyone” at Phoenix Rescue Mission …

My name is Juliette and I volunteered there for just a few months during my temporary stay in Phoenix as a travel nurse. I primarily worked in the kitchen, food prep and serving. I tried every shift, even the early morning breakfast! I met some wonderful people along the way! From employees, other volunteers, and the men in the program, everyone was pleasant to work with each day.

I am writing to thank you for such a wonderful experience as a volunteer. I've learned a lot about your program through listening to the testimonies of the men in the kitchen. Seeing the hope that these men have for their future BECAUSE of your program is heartwarming. You are providing a GREAT service for the Phoenix community! You are truly a blessing. Maybe the next time I find myself in Phoenix, I'll be able to volunteer again! Take care.

God bless,

Julietta C.

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