3 Ways to Help Feed People this Thanksgiving

thanksgiving at the mission
If you're like me, you're already sizing up your options on where to spend Thanksgiving. Maybe you're planning on hosting a big feast for your family with all the traditional holiday dishes, complete with the always popular 'kids table' or maybe just a nice cozy dinner with friends.

This Thanksgiving, Phoenix Rescue Mission will be helping people in Phoenix who won't have those kind of options.

Thanksgiving week, we'll be serving over 10,000 meals of the 300,000 we expect to serve for the year to homeless guests in our dining hall and we'll be distributing Thanksgiving Food Boxes to over 2,000 working families struggling to make ends meet. This will officially usher in what we like to the call 'the busy season' and we'll need your help.

Here are three ways to get involved this holiday season:

1. Fill-A-Box, Feed-A-Family: A great, easy project for families or groups, it's literally filling a box with all the ingredients for a family to make Thanksgiving dinner in their own home. Throw in canned goods, decorations and a message for the family your helping. These boxes will be given at our distribution event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Get started on our website.

2. Donate a Frozen Turkey: We will be accepting frozen turkeys or $15 grocery store gifts card to purchase turkeys at our Community Services Center. You can also donate $15/turkey online and specify in the comments that it is for Thanksgiving turkeys. These turkeys will accompany the Fill-A-Boxes given at our event.

3. Feed People at the Mission: We will be feeding homeless men, women, and children from our Mission dining hall on Thanksgiving day and you can help sponsor tables and individual meals. $1.92 is all it takes to provide someone with a hot Thanksgiving dinner at Phoenix Rescue Mission. It's less than that morning latte and has a huge impact in giving hope to our guests.

If you're not in the Phoenix area, I encourage you to reach out and donate to your local Rescue Mission, soup kitchen or food bank.  Every agency feeding people will need your help to meet the growing population coming to them in need across the country this holiday season.

-Debra Pryor

13 thoughts on “3 Ways to Help Feed People this Thanksgiving

  1. Julie Furano on


    • Hi Julie,

      Our Thanksgiving service is actually full, but we have many other opportunities and other dates to serve. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Marlena Padron at mpadron@phoenixrescuemission.org or call her at 602.272.4663 to find out more about getting involved.

      Thank you!

      Debra Pryor

  2. Tatyana Smith on

    Hello, writing in regards to wanting to volunteer for feeding this Thanksgiving do you still have availability?

    • Ryan Brown on

      Hi Tatyana,

      I’ve taken your questions and sent it on to the Volunteer Hotline. They should have an answer to you within a couple days!

  3. Dick Dumont on

    Are there any Thanksgiving Day meals in or around the Surprise area.
    I would like to volunteer to help.
    Thank you

    • Ryan Brown on

      There is a lot happening, but unfortunately, it is all happening at our Community Services Center near 35th Avenue and Buckeye. Check out our volunteer opportunities! The big events that we could use help with are the Frozen Turkey Sunday, Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Day, and Winter Wonderland in December.

  4. lenora luckett on

    Hello i am a student at South Mountain Community College and we have started a behavioral health club and are looking for places to donate some time on thanksgiving preferably in the schools community if you have any information that might help please pass it on to me it would be much appreciated.

    • Ryan Brown on

      Will do! I’ll send your message over to the Volunteer Services team and they’ll let you know what’s the latest.

  5. Tracy on

    I would like to volunteer for Thanksgiving or Winter Wonderland. I am not sure what or when Winter Wonderland is or when. I might need help with transportation as I do not have a vehicle. Please let me know how I can serve.

    • Ryan Brown on

      Sounds good! I’ll send your message over to Volunteer Services so they can contact you. If you need to get a hold of them, the number is 602.346.3363.

  6. Allison Hunt on

    Hi there! We are looking for a place to volunteer on Thanksgiving Day. I think I saw where Phoenix Rescue Mission is full for volunteers on that day so wondered if you have suggestions on where to volunteer if PRM is not an option. Also I have several articles of nice women’s clothing to donate-how do that? Thank you.

    • Allison, thank you for wanting to serve for the holiday season. The Mission has plenty of opportunities for volunteering. Melissa, is our Volunteer Director, reach out to her and she can direct you and answer any questions you may have 602 346 3388 or msheller@phoenixrescuemission.org.

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