Solutions Program

Not everyone who comes to our doors is looking for a long-term recovery program. Some people simply need a job, an income, or a temporary place to stay while they arrange for housing. That is why we designed this short-term program.

"I worked in collections for years, but lost my job due to a technicality in a conversation," says Robert. "I tried my best, but it wasn't working. I decided to come to Phoenix Rescue Mission because I knew it was a faith-based organization, but then I learned about Solutions and the job center they have here."

Solutions can be up to 120 days and has 2 steps:

PRM Client Program Chart

First Step is a program to help participants achieve a sustainable income. In First Step, clients will also be enrolled in the Vocational Development Program and participate in Solutions program classes and activities while developing a re-entry plan and support system in preparation for independent living.

Next Step is a maximum three month, Christ-centered, residential, transitional program for those who have completed Vocational Development or have the sustainable income necessary to prepare for successful re-entry into external housing. Here, folks will continue in Solutions Program classes and activities while developing a re-entry plan and support system in preparation for independent living.

After passing two certification classes with an A, Robert applied to Sears technical support. "Right there after two interviews, they hired me."

"My team and I were so amazed at what he did," says Rhonda, our Vocational Development Manager. "We just gave him the tools and resources and he is the one who really did it."

Rescue-Assess-Place: R.A.P.

R.A.P. is a maximum 7-day Christ-centered residential program for men, women, and mothers with children facing homelessness and seeking recovery from addiction or other life-controlling problems. RAP meets basic needs, builds relationships, provides opportunity for Christian growth, and assesses clients in order to place them in the appropriate solution pathway. RAP is provided for men at the Community Services Center (CSC) and for women at the Changing Lives Center (CLC).

Not everyone needs shelter or addiction recovery services. Sometimes resume help and a hot meal are all a guest needs to get back on his or her feet. Others require extensive recovery time, counseling, and vocational development to find their way back to wholeness. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all program, R.A.P is designed to be the first step in  breaking down all the services we offer and tailoring them to each individual we serve.

The majority of the women were homeless because of substance abuse (53%) or domestic violence (16%). When asked how they came to CLC, 42% were referred from other agencies, 13% by probation officers or judges, and 11% from PRM’s Hope Coach and Mission Sharing Program. The R.A.P. Program is just one of many programs offering transforming solutions for men, women, and children in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and trauma.

Our R.A.P. team's first case is a great example. A mother with four children had narrowlyy escaped a domestic violence situation. She and the kids were safe, but now they were homeless. Worse, she couldn't find shelter because most organizations that deal with domestic violence require identification, and she had left everything behind. Instead of adding her to the list od guest needing to speak with a counselor or enroll in recovery services, R.A.P. was able to assess her situation, help her obtain her birth certificate right away and connect her with one of our domestic violence partners that would best suit her needs.

Never before have we been able to offer so many life-transforming services and at the same time tailor them to such a personal level. We expect to see God working like never before in the lives of those we serve and it's all thanks to the support of friends like you. Programs like this wouldn't be possible without the time, talent, and treasure you give in love!


Maryvale Police Precinct --> PRM Program

The Angel Program is a community partnership program in which adults struggling with addiction voluntarily present at the Maryvale Precinct police station asking for help and are directed towards the resources needed for recovery. Potential participants are vetted by law enforcement for clearance to enter the Angel Program. The adult is then paired with a peer-supported trained "Angel" and transported to the Rescue-Assess-Place (R.A.P.) Unit in order to be assessed and referred to the appropriate detox center or recovery program. Various community organizations will join as Participation Providers by providing one or all of the following:

  • "Angels"
  • R.A.P. Unit
  • Recovery Program
  • Assistance in placing children, assessments, and/or peer-support training

Initially, these organizations include the Phoenix Rescue Mission (PRM), Salvation Army, Christian Family Care, Community Bridges Inc. (CBI), and CHEERS

This pilot program just began last year, so stay tuned for statistics!


Tent City Jail --> PRM Program

Phoenix Rescue Mission's BRIDGE Program is designed to assist motivated inmates to prepare for successful reentry. PRM will use weekly educational and mentoring services to help empower inmates to transition from incarceration to healthy independent living.

Once released, highly motivated individuals who desire to successfully transition will meet with PRM Intake Staff for assessment and placement into the residential Foundations Program at PRM's Community Services Center or Changing Lives Center.


Relationships with

Incarcerated men and women to

Direct them towards the

God who transforms lives, and to

Empower them for healthy independent living

If you or someone you know is homeless, unemployed, or needs assistance acquiring a sustainable wage and housing, take the first step toward independent living here.

After reviewing the Solutions program commitment , contact our Welcome Center at (602)346-3384 with any questions or to arrange an intake and meeting with one of our Case Managers.