Emergency Services

By his own admission, Chris had “lived a terrible lifestyle, and was broken to the core.” But at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, he found new life. “Without them, I would not have been blessed with a second chance.” It all started with a simple meal and a warm bed in our Emergency Services program — the first step toward a fresh start.

The program includes:

  • Shelter
  • Hot meals
  • Showers
  • Clean clothing
  • Toiletry/hygiene items
  • Counseling

Every day, 365 days a year, hundreds of men, women, and children come through our doors hungry for a hot meal. Meeting this most basic human need is often the first step to helping them get back on their feet.

Having a safe place to sleep, and protection from the winter cold and summer heat, is vital. Our Community Services Campus has over 100 beds for overnight and temporary shelter. It’s at this entry point where we strongly encourage our guests to find solutions and many decide for the first time to turn their lives around.

Rescue-Assess-Place: R.A.P.

Not everyone needs shelter or addiction recovery services. Sometimes resume help and a hot meal are all a guest needs to get back on his or her feet. Others require extensive recovery time, counseling, and vocational development to find their way back to wholeness. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all program, R.A.P is designed to be the first step in  breaking down all the services we offer and tailoring them to each individual we serve.

R.A.P. is a maximum 7-day Christ-centered residential program for men, women, and mothers with children facing homelessness and seeking recovery from addiction or other life-controlling problems. RAP meets basic needs, builds relationships, provides opportunity for Christian growth, and assesses clients in order to place them in the appropriate solution pathway. RAP is provided for men at the Community Services Center (CSC) and for women at the Changing Lives Center (CLC).

The majority of the women were homeless because of substance abuse (53%) or domestic violence (16%). When asked how they came to CLC, 42% were referred from other agencies, 13% by probation officers or judges, and 11% from PRM’s Hope Coach and Mission Sharing Program. The R.A.P. Program is just one of many programs offering transforming solutions for men, women, and children in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and trauma.

Our R.A.P. team's first case is a great example. A mother with four children had narrowlyy escaped a domestic violence situation. She and the kids were safe, but now they were homeless. Worse, she couldn't find shelter because most organizations that deal with domestic violence require identification, and she had left everything behind. Instead of adding her to the list od guest needing to speak with a counselor or enroll in recovery services, R.A.P. was able to assess her situation, help her obtain her birth certificate right away and connect her with one of our domestic violence partners that would best suit her needs.

Never before have we been able to offer so many life-transforming services and at the same time tailor them to such a personal level. We expect to see God working like never before in the lives of those we serve and it's all thanks to the support of friends like you. Programs like this wouldn't be possible without the time, talent, and treasure you give in love!