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“Cries in the Night” – Volunteer Testimony

Today, as I walked the campus of Changing Lives Center, I was taken back about 36 years to the one night, I walked the streets of 15th Ave and Roosevelt. This was just one of my darkest times, I chose never to forget, because that particular night, I had only two choices: Go back home to my abusive stepfather who was always kicking me out because I would defend my mother, brother and sister from his beatings by fist fighting

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Phoenix Rescue Mission Collects more than 1 Million Bottles of Water for Homeless

Nonprofit reaches record-breaking milestone during its 4th annual Code:Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign PHOENIX (Sept. 22, 2016) – Phoenix Rescue Mission announced today it reached a record-breaking milestone during its 4th Annual Code:Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign, collecting more than 1.2 million bottles of water for the homeless and elderly shut-ins during the four-month campaign. In celebration of the achievement, Phoenix Rescue Mission hosted its annual Code:Red Donor Appreciation Breakfast, inviting community leaders and campaign partners to join mission staff

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God asked, “Are you ready?” | June 2016 Newsletter

Sun striking his eyes, Gilbert slowly regained consciousness on the sidewalk near the corner of 11th Avenue and Jackson Street. The night before was a blur. After 22 years of living out of a bottle, Gilbert had finally decided that he had had enough and embarked on the bender to end all benders – in attempt to end his life. It didn’t work. Instead, he woke with a pounding headache and the stinging realization that he had failed to die.

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