Grand Opening for New Oaxaca Property

Message from Jay

In 2015 we saw a lot of great changes and improvements come to the Phoenix Rescue Mission. (Read "6 Reasons the Mission Transformed More Lives Than Ever in 2015" here.)

But God is far from done!

I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into a recent opportunity he’s presented to us. The Oaxaca restaurant adjacent to our Changing Lives Center went up for sale a few months ago. Thanks to the help of some generous friends, we were able to purchase it and are currently in the process of remodeling it to become the site of our social enterprises program! Currently, Mission Possible Cookies are baked in the site’s kitchen.

Our vision is to, one day soon, use this space as a fully operational restaurant/catering business where our men and women in recovery can work side-by-side with industry professionals, gaining vital work experience and learning on-the-job skills. The income from the restaurant would make this program self-sustainable and any profit would be reinvested back into the Mission to transform even more lives!

This new space, combined with the new Solutions Shelter program, will see the Phoenix Rescue Mission become a very powerful force for change in Phoenix. I’m very excited to see all that God has in store for us this year as we travel down this road together.

Watch this space for updates in the months ahead. Thank you again for your prayers and support. Together we truly are transforming lives in ways and in numbers we’ve never seen before!


6 Reasons the Mission Transformed More Lives Than Ever in 2015


As the first day of winter, today is National Homeless Persons' Remembrance Day. We are proud to say that the Mission is a powerful force in ending homelessness and providing programs and plans for our hungry, addicted, and needy neighbors. 2015 has been quite a year here at the Mission, but here are a few of the milestones that are helping us transform more lives than ever:

  • PARC: In the spring, we joined with Phoenix Police to begin the "Police and Rescue Collaboration." Our team of Case Managers joined the forces of Phoenix Police as they entered homeless camps. This way, rather than arresting repeat misdemeanor offenders, our case managers spoke with each man and women to help them build a plan and gave them the resources they need to begin taking steps in the right direction. See photos of the first homeless camp we entered together on Facebook.
  • AZ Gives Day: On April 7, Arizona givers voted the Phoenix Rescue Mission into first place on Arizona Gives Day for the 2nd year in a row! Over $97,000 was raised in a single day - nearly double any other competitor - thereby winning an additional $15,000 grant for the transforming work at the Mission. 2016's Arizona Gives Day is coming up on April 5!
  • Clients Reach Out at Momma Jo's: Graduates began reaching out to other homeless and hurting individuals at Momma Jo's in downtown Phoenix. Many of them were once there, but now they want to give hope to the place they had left behind. Watch a video of clients reaching out and sharing hope with others in downtown.
  • 2nd Hope Coach: In late April, a second Hope Coach was donated to the Mission, which doubled the amount of impact we are having on the streets of Phoenix. Double the number of streets we can visit, sack meals we can provide, water bottles we can deliver, and hope we can offer. See the work the Hope Coach is doing and learn about volunteering here.
  • Shelter Expansion Doubles Available Beds: From March through August, we were working to expand our shelter space at the Community Services Center. We had to rearrange significantly to keep beds open even during construction, but upon opening in August, the number of beds for shelter and men's recovery doubled to nearly 200 men every night. See pictures of the entire expansion process on our digital photo album.
  • Biggest Code Red Heat Relief Ever: During our blazing hot summer, hundreds of big businesses, small dental offices, churches, school groups, families, and even kids conducted water drives, raising 860,907 bottles of water! We broke another record by giving away 760,687!! Also, the matching grant in May and June was fully met, we provided life-saving water to many other organizations including St. Mary's Food Bank to spread our impact even further, and the Hope Coach team literally saved the life of someone who nearly died of dehydration on a Phoenix sidewalk. See more about Code Red on our special web page here.

We don't have the final numbers yet, but 2015 is easily going to surpass all other years in number of meals provided, bed nights of shelter offered, and recovery clients transforming their lives.

The life-transforming work being done here at the Mission has also been noticed by our community! We are proud to be counted one of the "2015 Top Homeless Services Organizations" recognized by Coulter Nissan in Surprise. They wrote an excellent article describing the best places in Phoenix to give this winter, and we were at the top of the list!

Transformation: A Poem

Praying for Graduates

Last week, after being inspired by the Quarterly Celebration and graduation of clients who overcame battles with addiction, homelessness, and hopelessness, Sarah was inspired to write this poem. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our Quarterly Celebrations! Contact us if you would like more info on attending our next event.


Here I am, I need a home

In the cold, the hot, I roam

I long to be transformed…

A place to live—is this the key?

I long to be set free!


Here I am, quite drunk and high

Numbing pain, waiting to die

I long to be transformed…

Sobriety—is this the key?

I long to be set free!


Here I am, I steal, I lie

My own wants I won’t deny

I long to be transformed…

Selfishness—is this the key?

I long to be set free!


Here I am, abused, depressed

Fear and pain that know no rest

I long to be transformed…

Doctors, pills—is this the key?

I long to be set free!


So many keys to unlock the door

I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t anymore.

Fumbling through all that the world has to give

Has left me without even strength to live.


Now here I am, at the Rescue Mission

Is there HOPE for me, in my condition?

I long to be transformed…

So different here…now all is clear:


God paid the price with His sacrifice

Jesus Christ—He is the Key!

Now I know Him who set me free



By Sarah H. Esperanza, used with permission

The Phoenix Tells Our Story

You may have noticed the Phoenix Rescue Mission has a new look. Not only is our shelter at the Community Services Center getting a makeover, our logo has transformed!

In the early 1990’s, Rescue Missions around the country came together and agreed to adopt the “red rescue” stamp to help the world recognize the common goal of serving the homeless in their communities. The Phoenix Rescue Mission “red rescue stamp” logo that you probably know well was adopted in the mid-90’s and has been part of the work here ever since.

Yet, over time, the face of homelessness has evolved, and the Phoenix Rescue Mission with it. We used to focus on giving the homeless men in Phoenix a hot meal and a bed to rest their heads for a night. While we remain grounded in those roots, we have grown to meet the need. We now run a thriving men’s addiction recovery program, job skills and GED completion tutoring, the Hope Coach, food boxes, and the Changing Lives Center for women and children caught in the cycles of addiction or homelessness.

Our new logo, the phoenix, tells our story.

We always have been, and continue to be, a Christ-centered ministry. Our mission, “Providing Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness” has not changed. The cross is the central foundation of what we do.

The phoenix clearly represents the city we serve – Phoenix, Arizona. Also, the pieces that make the phoenix were chosen to personify the lively and unique colors of our history and nature in the southwestern United States.

Finally, the legendary  phoenix was known for its ability to transform. Phoenix Rescue Mission is all about transformation. We don’t want to enable people in a way that leaves them their struggles. We want to give them the help they need to undergo life transformation, both physically and spiritually.

This new logo speaks to who Phoenix Rescue Mission is today, but also to who we are aspiring to become. As times continue to change, we will change to meet the need, but our core values will remain firm.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback on our new “rising phoenix” logo!

- Jay

Stamp to Phoenix