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A Recipe for Hope | November 2015 Newsletter


It’s a Thanksgiving tradition to sit around the table and give thanks to God for the blessings He has given us. Our health, our homes, our relationships and our financial situation are all common subjects that come up as we share our prayers around the table. But the prayers here at the Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center are all but routine. For example, Michelle, a recent graduate of our recovery program, will be thanking God for a myriad of

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Back from the Dead | October 2015 Newsletter


Nate is a man with ambition. Throughout his life he’s strived to be the best at whatever he did, to make the most of every situation. Long before drugs and alcohol entered the picture, Nate was addicted to something arguably as seductive and powerful – success. He grew up in a Christian home. His family attended church regularly. But when a bad breakup with his high school girlfriend took Nate by surprise, he blamed God for his misfortune and turned

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Envying the Dead | September 2015 Newsletter

Rita in the Kitchen

“I didn’t want to live anymore,” says Rita. ”I would cry out to God ‘Why? Why do you take people every day who have responsibilities, who have kids and families who depend on them? Why do you take them and not me?’” In 2005, Rita was 37 years old. She had been married for 14 years, had three beautiful children and owned a nice house in Arrowhead. She ran a successful child care business with a staff of 20 employees

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Motivated by Love | August 2015 Newsletter


Jesse came from a broken home. His parents’ constant fighting filled his childhood with feelings of fear, depression and anger. Turning to drugs in high school to alleviate the pain, Jesse started down a road that not only cost him his possessions, his home and what was left of his family ties – it robbed him of his freedom. “It’s hard for me to grasp how I was back then because God has changed my life so much. Even the

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Transformation: A Poem

Praying for Graduates

Last week, after being inspired by the Quarterly Celebration and graduation of clients who overcame battles with addiction, homelessness, and hopelessness, Sarah was inspired to write this poem. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our Quarterly Celebrations! Contact us if you would like more info on attending our next event.   Here I am, I need a home In the cold, the hot, I roam I long to be transformed… A place to live—is this the key? I long

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