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A Perfect Love | February 2016 Newsletter


A perfect God who demanded perfection from His creation wasn’t a God that Charity could follow. So from an early age, she struck out on her own path. But when a lifetime of doing it her way had left her broken, addicted, and at risk of losing her daughter forever, Charity found hope in an aspect of God that she never considered. His love. Charity remembers, “I had the idea that to be a Christian you had to be perfect and

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Grand Opening for New Oaxaca Property


In 2015 we saw a lot of great changes and improvements come to the Phoenix Rescue Mission. (Read “6 Reasons the Mission Transformed More Lives Than Ever in 2015” here.) But God is far from done! I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into a recent opportunity he’s presented to us. The Oaxaca restaurant adjacent to our Changing Lives Center went up for sale a few months ago. Thanks to the help of some generous friends, we were able

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Third Time’s a Charm | January 2016 Newsletter


Mark Farnsworth had been down this road before. Freshly released from jail, he reflected on the fact that once again, addiction had left him broken. It had robbed him of family ties, his home and – for a second time – his freedom. But like so many of the younger addicts we see here at the Mission, Mark didn’t feel like he had hit rock bottom just yet. In fact, the further he got from the cell that had been

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6 Reasons the Mission Transformed More Lives Than Ever in 2015


As the first day of winter, today is National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day. We are proud to say that the Mission is a powerful force in ending homelessness and providing programs and plans for our hungry, addicted, and needy neighbors. 2015 has been quite a year here at the Mission, but here are a few of the milestones that are helping us transform more lives than ever: PARC: In the spring, we joined with Phoenix Police to begin the “Police and Rescue Collaboration.”

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The Gift of Family | December 2015 Newsletter


Everyone has their favorite Christmas story – the time it snowed on Christmas morning… Aunt Ethel’s rock-hard fruitcake… or just gathering around the dinner table. What makes these memories so special? It’s family. For those of us blessed to spend time with family during Christmas, it’s a precious moment. It’s one where the cares and the worries of the world are allowed to fade into the background for a bit, while we pass mashed potatoes around the table and spend

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