Changing Lives Center for Women & Children

homeless600spanDespair, loneliness and hopelessness never let up for those who call the streets their home. But for women and children in our community who find themselves without a safety net, life on the streets can be especially cruel. It’s a startling fact that nearly half of the homeless population in Maricopa County are women and children.

Whether escaping a domestic violence situation, battling addiction, or suffering other trauma, homeless women and children are vulnerable to even more dangers while seeking the only shelter they can find. They need a safe place to start over, where they can begin to turn their lives around.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center for Women & Children is that safe place. It’s a chance to break the cycle of addiction, abuse and poverty, and to offer a fresh start, full of hope to women and children who are lost and hurting. Very few agencies in Arizona provide the kind of services that the Changing Lives Center offers, and that these vulnerable families need. A complex combination of addiction recovery, trauma counseling, medical healing, and physical safety is essential in helping these mothers and children transition to a healthy and independent lifestyle.

About the Changing Lives Center Program

As the only faith-based recovery program in the region offering long-term, comprehensive services, the Changing Lives Center helps single women and mothers with children to Exterior-8rebuild their lives. This 12-18 month program provides a stable, nurturing environment where women are able to work through addiction and abuse issues. They also receive life skills education and other counseling, and ultimately become self-sufficient through career assessment and job placement.

Almost HomeSince opening in August 2011, the Changing Lives Center has been a refuge and light in our community, caring for hundreds of women and children. We currently have capacity for 170 women and children in our program. The women who come through the Changing Lives Center are truly a testament to faith in Christ, and that lives  can be restored and made whole when people like you, care. Thank you! Click here to read Michelle’s story

Need Help? If you are a woman over the age of 18 with a life-controlling addiction, please call our intake counselor at 602-688-6219 for an initial screening. You can also download the in-take application on the right side of this page for more information on the program.

A Place to Begin Again – the Changing Lives Center was dedicated May 11, 2011 with an official opening date of July 18, 2011.
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