Hunger Action Month

“Missing a meal” is not the latest diet craze, but the definition of “food Insecurity.” Right here in Arizona one in 7 families are considered food insecure like Andrea, who needed her car to get to her job.

“This month my car broke and the only way to pay for it was to take the money from my food budget. I would skip dinner to make sure my kids had something at night,” said Andrea. “Knowing there was a week until my next paycheck was when I found the food bank and was provided a cart full of groceries.”

“I was so thankful to find so many people who care. It meant a lot to my family.”

You can help neighbors like Andrea put nutritious food on her table this month. Here are some ideas YOU can take action this month.

September is Hunger Action Month. Here are a few ways YOU can take action, and make an impact in your community!

Hold a Canned

Food Drive

Hold a canned food drive at your church, office or in your neighborhood. Contact Catie to arrange your drive, and find out our greatest needs at or 602-346-3347


Use the #ShareYourPlate hashtag on social media to let your friends and family know how you are helping food insecure families this month. Don't forget to check Phoenix Rescue Mission on Facebook and @phxmission on Twitter and Instagram to see our video highlights of those you are helping.

Feed a Family

Feed a family in our care. Hope begins with a meal, just a $1.92 provides a nutritious meal in our dining hall. Click HERE to donate.

Volunteer at Hope for Hunger Food Bank

Volunteer to pack food boxes at Hope for Hunger Food Bank. Sign up as a volunteer on VolunteerHub or click HERE to see the available shifts.

Become a Fill-A-Bag Partner

Join the Mission and help us support low-income families in our neighborhoods with bags of groceries and basic goods. To learn more about the Fill-A-Bag Program, click HERE.

Buy Cookies

You heard right. Buy  cookies. Support the Mission's Cookie Enterprise Vocational Program, where all proceeds go back into the program to support the very women baking up delicious cookies, made from scratch, just for you! Learn more at

Volunteer Serving in our Kitchen

Serve at our Community Market

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, the Mission serves our low-income families. We open our campus and provide food bags, a chance to "shop" for clothes, shoes and basic household items, provide counseling and prayer, and plenty of water to get them by. See what happens at our market below.

Thank you for taking action to end hunger in our community!

Food Bank Opportunity


Do you love to volunteer at the Phoenix Rescue Mission? Perhaps, you have wondered how you can get involved with the ministry of the Mission? If you are ready to make a difference in our community and truly serve, check out this new service opportunity on the West side!


Phoenix Rescue Mission

in collaboration with 

Hope For Hunger Food Bank

5605 N 55th Avenue, Glendale AZ 85301

Flexible shifts available - M-Th

1st Shift 6-8am

2nd Shift 8am-10am

3rd Shift 10am-12pm


Hope For Hunger Food Bank provides emergency food assistance to those in need and serves residents in Glendale, and some parts of Peoria and Phoenix. Go to and use the Hope For Hunger Food Bank filter to view opportunities.

God asked, “Are you ready?” | June 2016 Newsletter

God asked, "Are you ready?"

Sun striking his eyes, Gilbert slowly regained consciousness on the sidewalk near the corner of 11th Avenue and Jackson Street. The night before was a blur. After 22 years of living out of a bottle, Gilbert had finally decided that he had had enough and embarked on the bender to end all benders – in attempt to end his life.

It didn’t work.

Instead, he woke with a pounding headache and the stinging realization that he had failed to die. More determined than ever to stop a lifetime of pain, Gilbert readied himself to run out into traffic. But before he could step off the curb, God stepped in and led him down an altogether different path.

A police officer stepped between Gilbert and the road and asked him to move along. At that moment, Gilbert felt something he had never felt before.


“I didn’t know what it was then, but looking back, I know it was the Holy Spirit speaking into my soul,” admits Gilbert. ”He asked, ‘Are you ready?’ and suddenly I had this great urge to move. I had never heard about the Phoenix Rescue Mission, I didn’t know where it was, but the end of my journey that day led me to the front gates.”

Gilbert got a bed and a few hot meals at our Community Services Center, but it wasn’t enough. He was sober, but nothing else had changed. He was mourning the death of his son, delivered stillborn 22 years ago. Each night when he laid his head on his pillow, he was reminded of his failed marriage and separation from his family. Without alcohol to numb the pain, Gilbert’s hopelessness was tangible.

“I had a lot of trust issues at the beginning and kept mostly to myself. But I started listening to Chaplain Gabe preach and slowly, the things he had to say started making sense. God’s Word began chipping away at my heart.”

Gilbert took the next step and enrolled in our Transformations Recovery Program. Among our caring counselors and staff, he finally found where the Holy Spirit had been leading him.

“I spent 22 years in a bottle, hating myself and despising who I was. It took someone like Chaplain Gabe to turn that around. He showed me the power of Christ’s love and eventually I was able to love myself again.”

Terri and Gilbert

Today, Gilbert is a graduate of our Men’s Recovery Program and even went on to become one of our Ministry Training graduates – teaching some of the very same recovery classes that helped turn his life around. He’s sober, has a car, a job in the produce department at Fry’s Food and is attending college. He’s even found a new love! Her name is Terri and they are engaged to be married in October.

But through it all, Gilbert hasn’t forgotten that dark day when he almost ended it all. He makes it a point to visit that lonely stretch of sidewalk every year – the anniversary of when he felt a small still voice lead him away from death to everlasting life.

“For me to forget is to repeat my misery. I’m not willing to go back down that path anymore.”

Thank you for making sure Gilbert had a place to find hope in his darkest hour. Your support means more than food and shelter. For people like Gilbert, it’s life and death and a chance to find true transformation.

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The Key to Life

Summer doesn’t officially start for a couple more weeks – but this is Phoenix. Triple-digit temperatures have been here since the beginning of May. For you and me, it’s an inconvenience, a return to sizzling car seats and high A/C bills. But for those caught out on the street, it’s an altogether different situation.

It’s life and death.

I know it sounds like a cliché but it’s true.

Every year, scores of men and women lose their lives due to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. No one is more vulnerable than those who can’t escape the sun - our homeless neighbors.

People who make their homes in abandoned lots, beside canals and in the back alleyways of our city often have no idea of the threat heading their way. Matthew has only been homeless for a few months; he’s never experienced a Phoenix summer on the streets – but soon he will be one of the thousands in danger of losing their lives.

“Once people like Matthew hit this level of homelessness, they’re stuck,” says Chaplain Cliff, head of our Hope Coach program. “They don’t have the resources or the means to get away from the heat or do anything about it.”

Homeless Camp

That’s why Chaplain Cliff hits the streets 5 days a week, in tandem with our fabulous volunteers. Their mission is to find people like Matthew, equip them with cool bottled water and hygiene supplies, and warn them about the risks they are about to face. Cliff’s ultimate goal is to convince them to leave the streets behind and find new life at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

“People ask me, ‘But these are homeless people, they’ve got no ties. Why don’t they just head north or someplace like San Diego for the summer?’” says Cliff. “What people don’t understand is, these are men and women who are in bondage. Whether the chains are linked to addiction, a medical condition or a mental issue, they are here because something keeps them here. But the good news is; we have the key. We can unlock the chains holding them to this lifestyle. But it’s a race against time. We have to get to people like Matthew before the heat does.”

With your continued support, Code Red and the Hope Coach will be running week in and week out, keeping our neighbors like Matthew safe. It truly is a matter of life and death to many we serve.

Your help is needed today. Volunteer to ride with the Hope Coach this summer and provide life-saving water and hope to those who are stuck on the streets.

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Something as simple as a meal and a place to cool off can change everything for someone caught out in the summer heat. Get a first-hand look at how our fabulous volunteers help make that miracle happen daily with a smile!

Interested in volunteering? Click here to see the latest opportunities.

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A Recipe for Hope | November 2015 Newsletter


It’s a Thanksgiving tradition to sit around the table and give thanks to God for the blessings He has given us. Our health, our homes, our relationships and our financial situation are all common subjects that come up as we share our prayers around the table.

But the prayers here at the Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center are all but routine.

For example, Michelle, a recent graduate of our recovery program, will be thanking God for a myriad of things. Among those blessings, one will stand out from the rest.

The fact that she is here today is because God reached out and miraculously saved her from a violent death.

“God brought me here,” admits Michelle.

Just a few months ago, she was living out of a truck, strung out on drugs with her boyfriend. They had been evicted from their home and had nowhere else to go. The news of the eviction soon reached the ears of her son’s teachers and the custody of Michelle’s only son was soon stripped from her as well.

Michelle had been homeless before; she knew where this road led. She was devastated by the loss of her son but even that wasn’t enough to keep her clean. To this day, Michelle admits she doesn’t know what it was that suddenly pointed her in a different direction. One day she just lost her taste for the life she was leading, and suddenly saw with perfect clarity that if she didn’t do something different, she was going to lose her son permanently. That’s when Department of Child Services referred her to the Changing Lives Center.

One and a half weeks later, she was informed by police that her boyfriend had been found beaten to death on the streets she formerly called home.

“We went everywhere together; that could have been me,” says Michelle.


Through the tireless work of the counselors and staff of the Changing Lives Center, God has saved her life. He’s saved her soul through a saving relationship with Christ she found during her time here. But God didn’t stop there.


Michelle graduated from our new Changing Lives Center Food Services Training Program – a 13-week course designed not only to give our women the chance to become ServSafe® certified as a food manager, but to give in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of the restaurant business. It’s a program designed to teach skills that will serve the women long after they leave the Center. This education is sparking the beginnings of a long-term career.

“I’m proud to say that every woman who has become certified through this 13-week program and has sought employment has found it,” says Brad Shire, our Food Service Operations Manager and head of our Food Services Training Program. “It’s not entry level positions either. My students have been blessed with positions as general managers, shift managers and team leads in restaurants all over Phoenix.”


Jackie, another recent program graduate, is excited about what this certification will mean for her and her daughter’s future. “I used to work in a tattoo shop so I’m covered in tattoos. This makes the job search difficult,” admits Jackie, “but because of the skills I’ve learned and the certifications I’ve received, doors are now open to me that were shut before. It’s exciting to not only see all the success the others have found through this program, but to know that I have that same opportunity before me.”

Because of you, women like Michelle and Jackie have the opportunity to find a bright new future full of possibilities! From all of us at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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As we enter the holiday months our taste buds are tempted by all the traditional baked “goodness” we long for this time of year. Understanding that, Mission Cookies has joined with GarageFly for the rest of 2015 to give you a ‘sweet reward’ that will simultaneously Pay It Forward to homeless women and children in our community!

Book an appointment through GarageFly or write a review of a GarageFly shop, GarageFly will send a beautifully packaged box of 4 mouth-watering gourmet Mission Cookies to your door. That gives business to the ladies at the Changing Lives Center, GarageFly gets the reviews, and you get the "sweet rewards!" Click here to get in on this deal!

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Thanksgiving is a time when we’re able to sit down with our family, sometimes family we haven’t seen in ages, to share a meal. Breaking bread with our loved ones has a special way of enriching and repairing relationships, invigorating lost friendships and bringing families closer together.

In the same way, Phoenix Rescue Mission invokes this special bond, not just once a year – but every Sunday.

Every one of the men in our recovery program has the opportunity to invite family members at the end of each week to a dinner provided by volunteers and the Phoenix Rescue Mission staff. It’s an important component to recovery in a lot of ways. It enables our clients to reconnect to their families, to rebuild damaged relationships, to review and test what they’ve learned and to experience fellowship outside their normal day-to-day routines.

Patrick, a client currently in the Inner Healing or second phase of our recovery program, says family night dinners have helped him affirm his progress through the eyes of his family.

“Sometimes we have bad days, even weeks, and it’s easy to question our own growth,” admits Patrick. “Because we’re in it every day, sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve changed, that we’ve gone from A to B or even C. But when our families come each week, they can see the changes – even if we don’t. It’s incredibly encouraging to get that feedback.”


Nicolas, who is in the final phase of our recovery program, acknowledges the power these dinners have and explains how they’ve been vital for his growth.

“Some of the issues that we have to deal with are tied to our upbringing. It’s necessary to deal with those things face-to-face with the people involved… to start mending the broken relationships with our family. It’s the only way to get past some of this stuff and to grow. It’s helped me tremendously.”

But it isn’t just our clients who benefit. There’s an enormous sense of hope and joy that comes from seeing a son, a brother or an uncle who had been written off as lost not only turn his life around, but grow and thrive week after week.

“I’m so thankful for this time because we get to bond in a positive way. We’ve been so destructive throughout our whole lives, it’s nice to finally make some good memories, to have some good discussions and just be together as a family.”

All of us at the Phoenix Rescue Mission will be giving thanks for you this Thanksgiving and for the support you give that allows men like Patrick and Nicholas to find hope and new life here at the Mission!

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