Hunger Action Month

“Missing a meal” is not the latest diet craze, but the definition of “food Insecurity.” Right here in Arizona one in 7 families are considered food insecure like Andrea, who needed her car to get to her job.

“This month my car broke and the only way to pay for it was to take the money from my food budget. I would skip dinner to make sure my kids had something at night,” said Andrea. “Knowing there was a week until my next paycheck was when I found the food bank and was provided a cart full of groceries.”

“I was so thankful to find so many people who care. It meant a lot to my family.”

You can help neighbors like Andrea put nutritious food on her table this month. Here are some ideas YOU can take action this month.

September is Hunger Action Month. Here are a few ways YOU can take action, and make an impact in your community!

Hold a Canned

Food Drive

Hold a canned food drive at your church, office or in your neighborhood. Contact Catie to arrange your drive, and find out our greatest needs at or 602-346-3347


Use the #ShareYourPlate hashtag on social media to let your friends and family know how you are helping food insecure families this month. Don't forget to check Phoenix Rescue Mission on Facebook and @phxmission on Twitter and Instagram to see our video highlights of those you are helping.

Feed a Family

Feed a family in our care. Hope begins with a meal, just a $1.92 provides a nutritious meal in our dining hall. Click HERE to donate.

Volunteer at Hope for Hunger Food Bank

Volunteer to pack food boxes at Hope for Hunger Food Bank. Sign up as a volunteer on VolunteerHub or click HERE to see the available shifts.

Become a Fill-A-Bag Partner

Join the Mission and help us support low-income families in our neighborhoods with bags of groceries and basic goods. To learn more about the Fill-A-Bag Program, click HERE.

Buy Cookies

You heard right. Buy  cookies. Support the Mission's Cookie Enterprise Vocational Program, where all proceeds go back into the program to support the very women baking up delicious cookies, made from scratch, just for you! Learn more at

Volunteer Serving in our Kitchen

Serve at our Community Market

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, the Mission serves our low-income families. We open our campus and provide food bags, a chance to "shop" for clothes, shoes and basic household items, provide counseling and prayer, and plenty of water to get them by. See what happens at our market below.

Thank you for taking action to end hunger in our community!

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Food Box Deliveries

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - The holidays are fast approaching, and volunteers with the Phoenix Rescue Mission is spreading a bit of holiday cheer, by delivering hundreds of food boxes with a turkey, to ensure everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving.

Over the weekend, Taylor Roberts and her family made the rounds, delivering the boxes to those around town who might go without a Thanksgiving.

"They smile, and they look happy, and it makes me feel really warm inside," said Roberts.


Spreading holiday cheers with food box deliveries

Volunteers are making sure that people in need across the Valley will have a Thanksgiving meal this year. FOX 10's Ty Brennan reports.

Roberts' family is just one of hundreds of volunteers that put together the boxes, and then delivered them to people across the valley. The Phoenix Rescue Mission has been delivering these boxes, during every Thanksgiving season, for the past two decades.

"We want to make sure that every family is able to have a wonderful turkey dinner, and enjoy the family opportunity like the rest of us do," said Gail Engstrom with the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

For the Roberts family, they hope this delivery will become a tradition for them, in the years to come.

"It really -- you can't put a price on the experiences you get," said Roberts.

Program Men Pay It Forward at Momma Jo’s in Downtown Phoenix

The concept of “Paying it Forward” is not lost on those who complete Phoenix Rescue Mission’s recovery program. Not long ago many of our graduates were desperate, strung out, and lost -- barely able to stand in line for a meal. It is a hopelessness that is hard to understand unless you have experienced it firsthand.

Watch as men from our recovery program volunteer at Mama Jo’s Saturday Outreach at Andre House in downtown Phoenix. Not only do they share their testimonies of overcoming the grip of drugs and alcohol, but they serve those waiting for a meal. See them give back and inspire others to make radical changes in their lives.

Bill joined the men's recovery program at the Mission, but relapsed and spent several months on the blistering streets of Phoenix in the summer before overcoming his pride and returning to finish the program. He is now employed, excited about his future, and is one of the men who regularly goes down to Momma Jo's to tell his story. You can read (and watch!) his story by clicking here.

When was the last time a meal changed your life?

It seems unlikely that something as simple as a plate of food could have such a huge impact. But here at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we see God use our cafeteria to transform lives every day, which inspired us to start our new “Feeding Phoenix” initiative. Just ask Alfredo, a recent graduate of our Foundations Recovery program.

A free meal was all it took for God to turn his life around.

Months ago Alfredo had lost his job. He was living alone in Phoenix without any outside support to fall back on; he soon lost his car and eventually his home. Broke, starving and losing weight, Alfredo had gone a week and a half since his last real meal when he first heard of the Phoenix Rescue Mission. A concerned friend told him there was a place that gave out three free meals a day. That was all Alfredo needed to hear. He made a beeline to 35th Avenue and Buckeye and arrived at the Mission just in time for dinner.

But what he found was more than just a meal.

“As soon as I stepped through the gates I could tell this place was different,” Alfredo recalls. “People actually came up to me and wanted to know who I was and how they could help. There was no judgment, none of that. I could feel already that this was a good place.”

After cleaning his plate and feeling full for the first time in a long time, Alfredo started talking to the staff. He was surprised to learn that the Mission was more than just free meals, we also offered other things he desperately needed like counseling, support classes and job search assistance. He couldn’t believe it. A simple trip to fill his stomach had turned into more than he could have hoped for.

Alfredo signed up for our Foundations Recovery program, and now 60 days later he’s back to a healthy weight, and has found a promising new position working in an assisted living community.

“If I had never come looking for a meal, I’d still be stuck,” he said. “Now I have friends and brothers in Christ. God really does work all things for good!”
Alfredo is a perfect example of what our new “Feeding Phoenix” initiative is all about. It’s spreading the word about the hope and transformation we offer by serving hot meals to more souls than we ever have before.

It means prisoners who have been released from Durango Jail not only find their first meal here, but they also find a chance at a new future. It means families who can’t afford school lunches for their children find nourishment and the support they need. It means that our elderly who are shut in get the nutrition they desperately need. And, of course, it means that more men and women like Alfredo find a hot plate and a second chance at life.

Alfredo received his second chance at life in large part because of your prayers and financial support. But, there are still hundreds of other Alfredos here in Phoenix who need our help.
You can help by giving today.

Kurt Warner, friend of the Mission

This is what Kurt Warner had to say about serving meals at Phoenix Rescue Mission:

"My family and I have had the pleasure of serving meals at Phoenix Rescue Mission and meeting those assisted by this tremendous organization. The Mission does more than provide food and shelter; they take time with each individual, focusing on the whole person to truly transform lives and give people the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. I encourage you to volunteer and join the Mission in this life-changing work."

– Kurt Warner, Retired Arizona Cardinals Quarterback and current NFL Network Analyst